Amazing technology
from the 20th century

Developed with nanotechnologies, assembled by hand. aPlate sets new standards.

No flash. No camera. No GPS.
Epic win.

Can technological progress of today change our life? Can our life be absolutely dependable on the technology? What is the primary feature one should look for in a gimmick today? What is more important – the Man or the Machine?

We only have questions.
aPlate gives us answers.

ModelsaPlate, Limited edition 2011
Size and weightheight: 244 mm, width: 164 mm, depth: 4 mm, weight: appr. 100g
Capacity2,5 Petabytes (2,5 millionen GB) 1
Display7,5” Multi-Touch matt without any backlight whatsoever
Processor (CPU)humanBrain™ min. computing power: 100 MIPS 2
Camera, photos, videoTheEye™ with 220 FPS and 576 Megapixels 3
Inputmagnetic pen

1: Capacity of the human brain
2: More information available here, here and here.
3: Capabilities of the human eye: framerate and resolution.

aPlate was built on fun. In doing so, we have worked with 7 suppliers and have set us 3 weeks to get from the idea to this very paragraph.

Here is the formula: idea + magnetic plate aka magic screen + black foil + thin black lash + thick black rubber lash + silver custom made stickers + handcraft.

The process looks very familiar to the other projects we have been busy with lately.

Somebody might find this helpful:
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