The most amazing tablet since its own invention

With pretty real 100 MIPS*, the humanBrain™ gives aPlate a computing power which is yet to be beaten. 
Sometime in the future.

*MIPS = million instructions per second.

The most powerful processor, the largest memory capacity – aPlate wins from the start.

Although the machines might be able to add 2+2 swiftly, we are still convinced that a human can do it better. Think better. Decide better. Feel, anyway. Foresee. Calculate.

The year 1984 is gone already, the communism never came (what a pity!) and the “Big Brother” exists only in television (nothing to thank for, RTL).

And yet the technology grows at an unprecedented pace. At the same time the human, probably because of the natural laziness, is ready to give it all up to the machines. As though one computer per family would not be enough, we now have CPUs, RAMs and Internet in every device which has a battery.

aPlate goes one level down. The brain is now the processor, the subconsciousness is now the RAM, the human imagination (also known as fantasy) is turned into the operating system.

With this package, the aPlate makes the human being shine, not the technology and hype – a feature which no other device on the market can boast of.

The following video shows the appropriate handling of the aPlate.