Served on aPlate.

aPlate comes with Unlimited Apps™ pre-installed. Actually, it has all the apps you can imagine – because it total relies on your fantasy.

Infinite ideas, unlimited apps.
This doesn’t (and will not) have any other tablet.

That’s right – no one can’t forbid you to have ideas. With aPlate it actually makes sense to have some ideas. And them some more. And maybe a couple more still. This is the reason to have aPlate in the first place.

Every smartphone has quite a bunch of apps ready to download and use. There is an app for email, there is an app for tagging the music, navigating the maps and communicating with (not talking to, mind you) your friends.

How about an app which lets you articulate your ideas? Get rid of unnecessary parts and clutter and finally get to the point?

Well, now that there is aPlate, there is an app for that, too. With this simple tool there is no limit to your ideas – you can have as many and as often as you wish. Actually, there is no use for aPlate if you have nothing to say. Which also means – no spam, no auto-updates or any other worries.

100000 apps?
You’ve got much more. Available right now.

Learning curve? More like Bézier curve!

There is literally nothing to learn about aPlate – the interface is so natural, that even your grandpa can handle it. Actually, we believe you will get busy with aPlate much more often, then you think. And in the case of this tablet, it is even good so – aPlate trains not only the precision but also can act as a stress-diminishing tool. Yes, it is robust enough for that.