Everybody’s darling

For all those who wished they had an iPad, but didn’t know exactly why. For all those, who already have an iPad, and still do not know what is it good for.
For CEOs. For meohs. For him. For her. For kids, grandpas and grandmas.
Finally it is here.

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Less technology. More apps.

It is amazing what the technology has achieved today. The only way to really appreciate it is to get rid of all the shebang. The aPlate is thought exactly for this – to make the technology stand in the corner and push the ideas forward. Just like in the old days, when you had to stand at the phone while making a call.

Think of all Unlimited Apps

Made in Germany. Almost.

Actually, no, the basis for the aPlate is being produced in France. However, it was thought of and build in Germany. By hand. In two weeks. Every piece is unique. Limited edition.

What’s the story behind?

Seldom found. If at all.

You want a Touch-Pad only few people on Earth possess? There are more than one, but less than a three-digit number out there. A rare bird, really. A couple of happy addressees have already got one.

You want one too?